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Sureshine 14 & 20

Sureshine 14

Unit Price Excl 14% VAT VAT Price Incl 14% VAT
25kg R 243.00 R 34.02 R 277.02
5kg R  67.00 R  9.38 R  76.38

Sureshine 20
25kg R 346.50 R 48.51 R 395.01
5kg R  93.50 R 13.09 R 106.59

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SURESHINE (14% & 20%)

This is a concentrated polymer floor dressing designed to coat floor surfaces with a shining, non-slip, durable and long lasting shine. It is a milky white liquid and after application dries to a hard, shiny surface. It is not advisable to dilute this product


  • Non-slip finish

  • Economical

  • High gloss

  • Very hard wearing

  • Ease of application

  • Stable against normal detergents

  • Can be removed by special strippers

The surface of the floor should be well cleaned. Apply the SURESHINE in very thin layers onto the floor, allow to dry and then re-apply if necessary. The floor can then be washed or polished on a regular basis. After a few months the floor might become unsightly due to the entrapment of dust particles in the polish layers. It is then necessary to remove it for re-coating. This can easily be accomplished with our specially designed stripper.

SURESHINE 20 - a standard high-grade polymer floor dressing. It should be applied to a very clean floor in THIN layers. Two to three layers should bring up a very good shine. A further weekly application, of SURESHINE 20 or 14 will keep a well maintained floor. The floor can be washed in between with normal detergent. This product has 20% solids content

SURESHINE 14 - a 14% solid, polymer floor dressing and is exactly the same as SURESHINE 20 except that the concentration is lower. It can be used in conjunction with the above as a weekly maintenance to 'keep up' the good shine, or it can be used independently in the same manner as SURESHINE 20. However, being a lower concentration, it will require more coats to obtain the same shine.


  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Wash hands with soap and water before handling food

  • The recommendations herein are based on laboratory tests and in field use experiments. To the best of our knowledge these are accurate and since conditions of actual use are beyond our control, all recommendations are made without warranty whatsoever

  • The appropriate safety apparel should be worn at all times

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