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Drain Cleaner Liquid

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25l R 230.00 R 32.20 R 262.20
5l R  52.00 R  7.28 R  59.28
1l R  12.95 R  1.81 R  14.76
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This is an extremely efficient drain cleaner and will handle most drain problems effectively. This is a thick black liquid with a very high density. IT IS A STRONG ACID AND IS THEREFORE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Always use with extreme care. Stand well clear when pouring it into the drain. The reaction between the DRAIN CLEANER and water is violent and produces and exothermic reaction, which produces heat. Again it is stresses that this product is highly dangerous


  • Economical

  • Opens drains with ease

  • Produces heat to aid of opening

Always ensure your staff are supervised and fully aware about the possible dangers if not used correctly. Pour only small quantities into the drain at a time. Stand well clear. Do not allow the product to come into contact with the metal surfaces as the product may attack these surfaces

This product is dangerous and volatile. Always use great caution when using this product.


  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Wash hands with soap and water before handling food

  • The recommendations herein are based on laboratory tests and in field use experiments. To the best of our knowledge these are accurate and since conditions of actual use are beyond our control, all recommendations are made without warranty whatsoever

  • The appropriate safety apparel should be worn at all times

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