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Bilge Aqua Clear

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BILGE AQUA CLEAR is a pure solvent degreaser. It does not contain any water and is therefore 100% active. It can be used for the leaning of all heavy grease problems, but has specifically been designed for use as a bilge cleaner type product. It contains very effective solvents as well as a selection of emulsifiers


  • Solvent degreaser

  • High flash point

  • Very effective

  • Brush or spray application

This product is an excellent solvent degreaser which when used as is, can be sprayed or brushed onto the surface to be cleaned, given a few minutes to soften the dirty, and then hosed or pressure washed off leaving the surface very clean. As this product contains excellent emulsifiers the dirt is easily rinsed away and leaves a clean, grease free surface.


  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Wash hands with soap and water before handling food

  • The recommendations herein are based on laboratory test and in field use experiments. To the best of our knowledge, these are accurate and since conditions of actual use are beyond our control, all recommendations are made without any warranty whatsoever

  • The appropriate safety apparel should be worn at all times

Table Bay Supplies